Addison County


Black Sheep Bistro
Several gluten free options on the menu. However, they do NOT have a dedicated fryer. Therefore, their famous french fries that come with every meal are NOT safe.

Park Squeeze
There are no symbols or indications on the menu to tell if something is gf. When I went, I had to speak with a waitress, a hostess, and a cook–each person told me a different story about what was safe and what wasn’t. An absolute nightmare. I’m not going back.

3 Squares
No gluten free bread. Salads seem safe.


Taste of India
I’ve had mixed experiences here. I’ve been glutened a few times. No dedicated fryer.

Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurant
I’ve had a bit of a mixed experience here. I don’t think the staff (kitchen and front end) are particularly knowledgable about food allergies. No dedicated fryer.

Carol’s Hungry Mind
They have a couple prepackaged gluten free bakery items.

Storm Cafe
Very good options. Probably the safest place to eat in Middlebury. They have delicious gluten free bread (bought, not made there). They also have a dedicated gluten free toaster, and they seem generally well-informed and conscientious.

Chinese Restaurants
Don’t even bother. There is gluten containing soy sauce in nearly everything. Maybe something steamed without sauce would be safe?

Green Peppers
They have gf pizza and it isn’t horrible. They are really good about keeping it safe from cross contamination. I’ve had it once and it was a good experience.

American Flatbread
They have a gf flatbread with dough made by West Meadow Farm Bakery in Essex Junction, VT. The dough is great, but they cook everything in the same fireplace/oven. I don’t think they take precautions with cross contamination. I got sick too many times and have decided to not go back.

Mister Ups
What a nightmare. I don’t even want to think about trying to eat there again. No gluten free options that I know of. No dedicated fryer.

Fire and Ice
I have not been there in forever, but the last time I went, they did have gf indicators on their menu. However, the options were few and more often than not, they said they could make something gf by removing the bun. No dedicated fryer.

51 Main at the Bridge
They have Udi’s buns!! Beware–no gluten free fryer–the fries are not safe! Side salad (instead of fries) was not very substantial compared with my companion’s fries. Tuesday is burger night–good deals abound!


Bobcat Cafe
I have eaten at Bobcat many times, most before I went gluten free. It is a fun place to go to try new dishes–everything is creative and pretty with a variety of small and larger plates. They also have a brewery, so you can try lots of different beers. All good when you can eat gluten. When I stopped eating gluten, I went to the restaurant a few times because they had a special gluten free menu and it was easy to figure out what to order. Not so anymore. Instead, I have to be annoying and ask very specific questions of the waitress to investigate which menu items have any trace of wheat, barley, or rye in them. Not many gluten free options at all. No dedicated fryer.


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