I’m taking holiday baking orders again. Here is a quick list of items and prices, but let me know if you want something different. I have recipes and ingredients to make pretty much everything. Also let me know if you need it to be dairy free or if there are any gf flours that you cannot tolerate.

9″ pie (pumpkin, apple, or special request) $22
sugar cookies (12 for $10) not decorated– xmas shapes!
8″ loaf pan of gf stuffing $15 ¬†(Please inform me if you would like bacon or sausage in it.)
dinner rolls (12) $15

To order or ask questions, email me at or call 802-922-5510.

Please order by Sunday, December 20th. Orders will be available for pick up or delivery December 22, 23, and in the morning on the 24th.

If you would like your order to be baked in one of your own dishes, we can make arrangements for that–it is much prettier for your holiday table!!

Happy Holidays!!



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