The Best Fruit Crisp

IMG_0355I’ve discovered a super simple summer dessert. I shouldn’t say “discovered” because this is something that I have been making for years. It is just that it seems so perfect lately. I just dump whatever fruit I have laying around (fresh is best, but I also sometimes use frozen berries, peaches, or sliced apples) with a little bit of honey and about a tablespoon of white rice flour.

For the topping, I use one cup of white rice flour, one third cup of coconut flour, half a stick of butter, a healthy drizzle of honey, and about half of an egg white. When I make mayonnaise, I only use the yolks, so I save the egg whites in a jar in the fridge and need a use for them. You can omit the egg white if you like. I use a pastry blender to mix it all together until it has the consistency of peas or smaller lumps. Pour over the berries and bake for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Eat it while you watch the sun set or in the morning for breakfast. It goes really well with coffee.

IMG_0356Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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