Summer Update

Hi all,

I recently took on a new full time job as a museum director. It has been difficult to find the time to cook and write about what I’m eating. I’m still following a version of SCD, GAPS, and Paleo, primal, etc. It is important for me to make everything from scratch with whole ingredients or buy from reputable sources. I’ve had a spike in my migraines, probably triggered more by stress than food, so I’m trying to be extra vigilant to avoid triggers.

One thing I did want to share is my vegetable garden. This spring I started veggie seeds ranging from tomato plants to snow peas. I transplanted most of them into our small raised bed and the plants are starting to get big and to produce. Snow peas are coming up like gangbusters. Lettuce is growing well as well. We have had a lot of rain, so cukes, zucchinis, and watermelon aren’t doing so well.

We also have our annual CSA at Elmer Farm in East Middlebury. Lots of broccoli, some lettuce, small purple onions, and some herbs.

My mom got me a tiffin for my birthday, so I filled it with good food from my garden and the CSA.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.21.04 PMThere’s chicken salad, homemade with my own mayo (using grapeseed oil), green onions from my garden, apples, celery, and dried cranberries. Also lots of fresh chopped parsley. I served that on a bed of lettuce. In container #2, I have snow peas and sliced cucumbers drizzled with homemade salad dressing (cider vinegar, avocado oil, dijon mustard, a little bit of honey, salt and pepper.) And then my dessert these past few weeks has been chopped up watermelon–sadly from Trader Joe’s. I haven’t been able to find local ones yet.

I’ve been eating my lunch at my desk quite a bit, but I’m trying to be better about taking a break and eating outside, especially on nice days. Here’s my view from the picnic tables at Marble Works.


There are a lot of office worker type people who eat there. It is funny to see them in their suits, eating lunch, and reading a book–one person at each table. They better watch out for me, I’ll sit right next to them and strike up a conversation!



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