Favorite Gluten and Grain Free Trader Joe’s Products

I almost always stop at Trader Joe’s when I am in Burlington. I have scoured the store, mainly shopping on the perimeter, to find  the best grain free, scd and paleo friendly items. Here are a few to look for the next time you go shopping:

Turkey Bacon (the unpeppered kind) – This is the least gross turkey bacon I have found. It is sugar free. Bake a few slices in the toaster oven for some lean protein. It also works well diced and cooked with veggies (greens, brussels sprouts)

Coconut Oil – A kitchen staple at a good price. They also have sustainable farmed red palm oil, a good cooking oil that is high in nutrients.

Coconut Flour – I was on the fence for a while about coconut flour, but I have baked with it several times now and have been happy with the results. When you can’t tolerate grains and nut flours, it is almost magical when you can bake a cake or cookies with this stuff instead. The coconut flour at Trader Joe’s is cheaper than I have seen anywhere else–a very good deal. To learn more about cooking with coconut flour, visit comfybelly.com.

Honey Greek Yogurt – Out of this world! Technically not allowed on SCD because it isn’t cooked for 24 hours, but there is no other sweetener than honey. Great in smoothies and a good alternative when I run out of homemade yogurt.

Dates – I bought dates at my co-op instead of Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and ended up getting really sick. It turns out that in the back room where they package all the bulk stuff at my co-op, there is flour flying all over in there. So . . . beware when buying from bulk bins–there is a high chance of gluten cross-contamination. Now I stick with the dates at Trader Joe’s, buying at least two containers each time I go.

Potato Chips Fried in Olive Oil – I know, I know. Potato chips are bad news, but these are fried in olive oil!


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