Homemade Greek Yogurt and Granola

How can you resist those eyelashes?

I may have already shared how much I love raw milk. The cream line is to die for. And I love going to the farm, seeing the cows and calf, talking to the farmers. In the Middlebury area, I go to a farm in Weybridge and when it is available, Orb Weaver Farm in New Haven.

Usually I drink it all, but while trying to add more probiotics to my diet, I started using the raw milk to make my own yogurt. I found a great recipe at the kitchn, which is my new favorite website. I have a yogurt maker, but I have also put the milk in a quart sized mason jar and wrapped it in a heating pad for 10+ hours. I had been spending too much money on probiotic pills. Instead of adding a cup of plain yogurt to the milk, just empty a capsule of your favorite probiotic into the milk. That particular strain of bacteria will multiply so you end up with cute jars full of edible probiotics. At $20-40 per bottle of probiotics pills, this is a major savings.

My yogurt maker + a quart jar with a heating pad.
Greek yogurt

To make Greek yogurt, strain the yogurt using a stainer and coffee filter over a small bowl. Let sit a few hours while the excess liquid drains.

I also make granola to go with the yogurt. The Kitchn also has the best no-fail granola recipe. I like how customizable it is. Throw in some fruit or swirl in a spoonful of good jam and wallah–a great breakfast or lunch!

Be prepared to go through it really quickly. It’s that good.

Greek yogurt with peaches and homemade granola.

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