So Far, So Good

I was tempted today to stop and get something for lunch at the taco place in Bristol. I was driving home from a meeting in Monkton and suddenly felt hungry. Even though “Taco Truck All Stars” is completely gluten free–they use only corn tortillas–I thought it would be better for me to continue home. Last night I made gluten free pizza, so I would have leftovers and a quick salad with lettuce from our garden and cucumbers from the csa. 

About the pizza

I’ve posted about gluten free pizza before. I found a great recipe and have adapted it slightly. Instead of two cups of all purpose gf flour (including xanthan gum), I used 1.5 cups and .5 cup of quinoa flour. The dough came out a lot smushier than it has ever been before and was easy to “roll” it out. I turned my oven on nearly 500 degrees with the pizza stone inside. I preheated it for a good half hour and then pre baked the crust for about 10 minutes. I dusted cornmeal on the stone and used lots of quinoa flour to transfer the dough to the pizza stone from a cutting board. The pizza easily came off the stone so that I could remove it from the oven and add my toppings, which included: Bove’s sauce, homemade pesto, mozzerella cheese (shredded in food processor), and Applegate Farms turkey pepperoni. And back it went into the oven for a good 12 minutes. Either I have forgotten what real pizza tastes like or this is so good you can’t tell it is gf.  GF Pizza


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