Gluten Free Pirohi

(Also known as Pierogi)

My family used to go out to eat at a short lived restaurant called “Screwie Louie’s” on Route 7 near the Vergennes line. They served Mrs. T’s potato and cheddar pirohi with grilled chicken, ginger carrots, and a huge salad. They put a soy-honey type sauce over everything. It was my favorite meal ever. After they closed, we bought those frozen boxes of pirohi and made it at home all the time. Since going gluten free, I have found a packaged frozen gluten free pierogi, but I did not like them. I gave up on ever having a good pirohi again.

Last summer, I was living and working in an area with a high Polish and Slovakian population. At community events, delicious pirohi (that’s how the Slovaks spell and pronounce it) were served. Sautéed in onions an filled with a potato and cheddar mixture, they smelled heavenly. Watching everyone else eat them filled me with a profound feeling of loss that I never got to experience homemade pirohi.

However, as I have become more expert at gluten free cooking, I have discovered so many online resources that abound with delicious, tried and true recipes. I stumbled across a pirohi recipe on Nicole Hunn’s Gluten Free on a Shoestring blog and tried it. Her instructions are great, but I ended up making them way too big. Next time I will be better about remembering to make perfect little round dumplings. The potato cheese filling was perfect, made better by using Orb Weaver cheese (made in New Haven and where I buy my raw milk).

This recipe is worth a try!

Sour cream made the dough really soft and pliable–different from most gluten free doughs.
While I was cooking the potatoes, I sautéed the onions. Remember to save the pan (do not wash it) for browning the cooked pirohi
A Finished Pirohi

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