Molasses Cookies

Sometimes trying to find a gluten free recipe for a favorite cookie can be so difficult. I have a bunch of good gluten free cookbooks and I follow some excellent blogs, but when I look for a recipe, they all call for different kinds of flours, many of which I do not have on hand. I have been seeking out different kinds of flours and trying to experiment more. On Saturday, I stopped quickly into Healthy Living in South Burlington, the mecca for gluten free food and supplies in Vermont. Many gluten free writers advise to not buy gf flours from bulk containers because of the possibility of cross contamination with gluten containing ingredients. However, at Healthy Living, I felt pretty confident of the safety. All the gf flours were in a separate location, away from the other bulk bins. They each had their own scoop, attached to a chain. Now, taking up shelf space in my kitchen, I have: tapioca starch, cornstarch, potato starch, potato flour, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, almond meal, brown rice flour, white rice flour, xanthum gum, and arrowroot powder. It is difficult to know how much exactly to purchase and then how to store them. Even when you have them in your house, clearly labeled and in cute glass containers, you find OTHER flours listed in recipes. The gall of these cookbook authors and bloggers! Yesterday, I saw that Shauna Ahern (The Gluten Free Girl) had written a post about how readers are constantly asking her for how to substitute ingredients in her recipes. She basically told her readers that they need to learn how to adapt recipes to fit their needs and start EXPERIMENTING. So, that’s what I am trying to do. Here is the recipe that I decided on from Quick Fix Gluten Free.

Molasses Cookies

Notice how it calls for the Authentic Foods flour blend. Well, I don’t have that. But I did just mix up some mock Cup4Cup flour, so I subbed that in, which means that I didn’t need to add in any extra xanthum gum. This recipe was so simple that I considered using a regular molasses cookie recipe and just subbing in the gluten free flour blend.

I creamed the butter and sugars, then added the molasses and egg. We were having an egg emergency at my house. My grandfather has eggs every morning for breakfast and I have been doing so much baking that we were running out of eggs so quickly. I put a call out on Facebook last week asking if anyone had fresh eggs to spare. My old high school friend Michelle wrote and said, yes, they have a ton of chickens and too many eggs, so I ran over there and picked them up. They are so beautiful! Thanks Michelle and Ray.


Mix the flour mixture with the spices and then gradually add it to the sugar-egg-butter mixture in the mixer. Beat it for longer than you normally would for regular cookies. By mixing at a high speed for a few extra minutes, the proteins have more time to develop, making a more stable cookie. Once done with the mixing, use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the mixture and roll it in a bowl of granulated sugar before putting it on the baking sheet.

Molasses Cookies-003

I love being able to use my silpats again!

Molasses Cookies-004

Bake for 12-15 minutes at 375.

Molasses Cookies-007

Overall, very good and hard to tell that they are gluten free. These will be made again! Next, I need to make a good roll out sugar cookie. I am also contemplated cinnamon rolls and sandwich bread. Stay tuned.


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