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I’m totally procrastinating right now. I have a lot of work to do, but I want to write about the meal I had yesterday at Lui Lui in West Lebanon, NH. Lui Lui is always listed on lists of restaurants with gluten free options, but I had my doubts. If they mess up in the kitchen and use the wrong utensil or strainer, I would be in deep trouble. My fears were unsubstantiated. When I told the waitress how sad I was that I couldn’t eat the rolls and olive oil/garlic/herb dip on the table, she brought over a plate of vegetables. It is such a treat when restaurants do this!!!!!! I was so impressed that I took a picture and told the waitress that it was going on my blog, so here it is:

Lui Lui

That’s like more vegetables than you get when you order a salad!

They must only keep one shape of gluten free pasta in stock. I got a pasta dish with a lemon-alfredo sauce with olives and grilled chicken. The pasta was kind of a rotini shape except it was all broken up and shredded looking. The gf pasta must be too delicate for all the abuse they get in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. I just realized that I didn’t ask which brand of pasta  they used. I usually get headaches when they have soy or corn flour, but I haven’t had any problems, so I’m assuming it was straight rice flour.

Lui Lui-001

It feels so good to be able to eat out and not have to really worry about getting sick.

Before we went to Lui Lui’s, we stopped at the Lebanon Co-op to see what kinds of (overpriced) gluten free goodies I could find there. I was happy to see bread and rolls made by a Springfield, VT bakery called Sonas. I bought some dinner rolls. My friend Pat, who lives in Springfield, had told me about the place about a year ago. I investigated a little more when I got home last night. It turns out that it is only a production bakery, so you couldn’t just stop in and buy some goodies or get a sandwich or something. Bummer. On my way home I stopped at the Woodstock Farmers Market and found a piece of Sonas carrot cake marked at $5+. Not super impressed with the prices. I can make a really good carrot cake using Bob’s Red Mill pizza mix. My mom found a recipe for it online somewhere; we have made it several times with cream cheese frosting. Yum. [I just did a search online and couldn’t find it. I’ll scan mine and post it soon–promise.]

I also bought frozen packaged maple donuts. That was a splurge. Shh. Don’t tell anyone I bought them (and have eaten three). They have a thick fake maple frosting on them. My sister, Stacie, said they smelled gross. They were really kind of good–I never get to have stuff like that, so when I see something, I go a little crazy.

There aren’t really many safe places for me to eat around here, so it is back to cooking at home! Tonight I made roasted chicken on a bed of celery root, celery, and onion. Also roasted fingerling potatoes and steamed spinach. I made a delightfully fresh lemon sauce from the pan drippings. Even my grandfather, who does not particularly like chicken, ate it all up and declared it “good.” High praise. I should have taken a picture. It was damn pretty.


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