Goodbye Party

Last week I had some people over to say goodbye before I move out of my apartment. Moving has been a long project. I’ve slowly been taking carloads of stuff home, making me realize exactly how much stuff I have. This also includes lots of food–I was surprised by the contents of my fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Almost all of it has come home and been added to the multitudes of foodstuffs here. We have a tiny alley style kitchen and little space for all of it. Not to mention the dishes!!!

It was important for me to say goodbye to some of the wonderful people that I have met over the past two years. Everyone who came over brought such delicious gluten free party food. I wanted to share some of the items so that you all can see how easy it is to have a completely gluten free party.

Goodbye Party Food

This is a selection of the some of the food. My friend Trish brought the cheese and pretzels. She said she liked the gluten free pretzels so much that she plans to buy them instead of regular pretzels from now on! My mom made her famous yogurt-peanut butter dip for apples. It is just peanut butter and yogurt. Normally, it calls for honey as well but because she used honey flavored Greek yogurt and honey roasted peanut butter, it really didn’t need any more sweetness. Someone thought that it tasted like toffee. Always yummy. A few weeks ago, I made some and cut up some apples for a road trip.

Michelle brought her famous guacamole. She had made it once for Book Club. I did not know that putting the avocado pits into the guacamole helps keep it from turning brown.

I also made veggie spring rolls with rice paper wrappers. I made two dipping sauces–so easy. The peanut sauce has peanut butter, soy sauce (gf), sesame oil, ginger, and garlic. I may have put a little bit of rice vinegar in it too. The other dipping sauce is peach-soy. I would have preferred apricot, but we only had peach jam. I added ginger and rice vinegar to that as well.

Later on in the night, my lovely friend Robyn came with merengue chocolate nut cookies. They were delicious and she said they were super simple, so I am going to ask for the recipe and hope to share. It was so thoughtful for everyone to make and bring gluten free goodies.

Goodbye Party Food-001

We also had wonderful wine, hard cider, regular cider, a layered dip, salsa, pumpkin cheesecake bars . . .

Poor Izzie was so desperate for some of the food that she scooted outside when someone came in. I had to go after her and entice her to come back in with a piece of cheese!


I’ve been cooking up a storm and will share more later.  Enjoy this fall day!


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